Klara Knapek Passes Away

I’ve never done this before, but I wanted to write a little something on a late high school mate with whom I went to school. My friend Cec Latorre notified me that Klara passed away. We both went to school with her at O’Leary high school. I don’t clearly remember Klara Knapek, but I feel it necessary to bring attention to her untimely death.

Klara died falling off a cliff that ended in 30 metre drop onto a boulder field in a sleeping bag. Snowmobilers were unable to revive her. We can hope that she didn’t suffer. She was 33 years old.

She was a yoga instructor, something I personally respect, having been a sports instructor. I respect this because teaching Yoga is done out of love, rather than for monetary reasons. This says a lot about the sort of person Klara must have been. This also makes me regret not getting to know her, and makes me question my willingness to get to know people and what I might be missing out on.

A memorial, put on by family and friends, will occur this Saturday at 4pm. Vancouver-based Yoga Outreach (yogaoutreach.com)– a charity that promotes healing by providing volunteer Yoga instructors to health care centres, shelters, treatment centres, and correctional institutions– will accept donations.

A fund, for a memorial plaque, is being set up. The plaque is to be placed at the site of the accident. You can read more on the matter at the Pique magazine site and The Province.

My condolences are with her family, friends, and boyfriend.

Maurice Cepeda

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