Pantheon, the Miller Columns File Browser on Ubuntu Raring Ringtail

I’ve written about the necessity of a Miller Columns based file browser previously (and suggested a terminal based app called Ranger). At the time of writing, I did know of Marlin, and Dolphin, but as of the last year or so Marlin crashes frequently and is hardly useable in my case (running ppa:marlin-devs/marlin-daily), and in the


Enabling the Remote on a MacBook Pro Running Ubuntu 12.10

I’ve been using Ubuntu for the last few years. It was not my first choice, Debian was –because I like a balance between configuring things by hand (call it choice) and automation. The problem, Debian on my Yonah based MacBook Pro (that’s the last 32 bit Apple computer before the 64 bit platform was introduced), was more

Charlie Sheen ashamed of being Hispanic?

Univision’s Maria Elena Salinas interviewed Charlie Sheen for Aqui y Ahora for his new show, Anger Managemen, on Fox. Comments in the Latin community seem to have been pretty negative, with one blogger asking Charlie “to re-enter the Latino denial closet. He can keep Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Alba company.” Oh please. I think his comment that he doesn’t

The Marriage of Music & Open Source Technology in 2012

To listen to music, I sometimes use Iceberg  (and have previously written about it). They have their own cloud based player, so you lose control over what you listen to (although categories exist and user feedback is accepted). I assume that’s what they’re after in the end, to decide what gets airplay. Even so, they’re back to

Android, a Fork? Torvalds and Kroah-Hartman don’t agree!

Although I don’t presently own an Android phone, I’m really exited about Google’s version of Gnu/Linux that operates on “their” cell phones. I look forward to owning one in the near future. There’s a lot of confusion about Andriod. I know it’s a systems run on the Linux kernel proper. That is, apparently Google replaced the

Racism in WWII Propaganda Posters & Profiling in the War on Terror

The following were posters put out by the American government to dissuade WWII soldiers from participating in “risky behaviour” while on duty overseas. We’re supposed to assume that the targeted practice is with prostitutes, but I don’t see it.

All I can see is an association between being foreign with (as it used to be called) venereal diseases (VDs), or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). [Newsflash; Apparently the name has changed again –this time to STIs, sexually transmitted infections.]

Venereal Disease Covers the Earth, 1940

This item is in the public domain. Source:

High cheek bones, dark hair, thick lips, a beret, it’s like the image is associating STDs with not being a white American, that is, foreign women –ah, that tempting forbidden fruit. (more…)