Enabling the Remote on a MacBook Pro Running Ubuntu 12.10

I’ve been using Ubuntu for the last few years. It was not my first choice, Debian was –because I like a balance between configuring things by hand (call it choice) and automation. The problem, Debian on my Yonah based MacBook Pro (that’s the last 32 bit Apple computer before the 64 bit platform was introduced), was more

Elive MacBook Project Update –January 11, 2011

January 11, 2011 Although I’ve tried keeping the links on my first article on Elive updated, they have constantly been changed and/or deleted (obviously) by Elive developers. For instance, MacBook beta .iso repositories and torrent pages with stable releases have been eliminated, the link to the license guaranteeing the right to modify the .iso has been taken down, a page declaring a new

Installing jitsi (previously known as SIP-Communicator) on Debian Squeeze

I’ve noticed a few promoted methods on how to install SIP-Communicator (now known as jitsi). The problem is, none of them work. That is, if you try to install using the instructions labelled with the predicated name (manually editing sources.list), you can’t add the keys –causing GPT error warnings. Here’s how I got it installed

OpenSolaris is dead!

Earlier this year, Oracle bought Sun Microsystems, the creator of Solaris (and OpenSolaris) –shutting down OpenSolaris. Well, no big surprise there –considering I don’t think of “Oracle” when I think “Free Source benefactor”– and they’ve confirmed this image. Despite having unparalleled in-house utilities such as ZFS, Sun had been losing market share and product visibility

Build a secure desktop firewall with ufw – part II

Part 2 – A more advanced firewall configuration The first part of this series of articles1 covered a basic firewall setup for desktop user needs, including FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and Email with IMAP and SMTP. In this (second) part, I’ll now cover how to create a more secure firewall than the one just covered. This

Build a secure desktop firewall with ufw – part I

Part one – Build a basic firewall I’ve recently been using Debian again, and noticed that after configuring a mixed system, Firestarter (a GUI based firewall utility) fails to start. This is not a problem as it gave me the opportunity or excuse to look at a terminal set-up (which is optimal) for desktop use.