Enabling the Remote on a MacBook Pro Running Ubuntu 12.10

I’ve been using Ubuntu for the last few years. It was not my first choice, Debian was –because I like a balance between configuring things by hand (call it choice) and automation. The problem, Debian on my Yonah based MacBook Pro (that’s the last 32 bit Apple computer before the 64 bit platform was introduced), was more

Android, a Fork? Torvalds and Kroah-Hartman don’t agree!

Although I don’t presently own an Android phone, I’m really exited about Google’s version of Gnu/Linux that operates on “their” cell phones. I look forward to owning one in the near future. There’s a lot of confusion about Andriod. I know it’s a systems run on the Linux kernel proper. That is, apparently Google replaced the

Trials and Tribulations of Pro Bono Work

Ordinarily, I don’ t use language such as “morons”, “cheapskates” or “duh” (OK, sometimes “duh”) but I make an exception in this article. I think I was venting. The following questions were proposed on Facebook a few days ago by a friend of mine. Is there such a thing as getting something for free? Should

Circumventing LSOs, Adobe Flash Cookie Tracking Technology

I don’t know of anyone that makes due without Flash these days. It’s become so pervasive, it’s difficult to imagine one without it on today’s Internet. HTML5 is supposed to change this, what with Jobs formally announcing this in his famous letter regarding Adobe’s technology. While I see the end of any proprietary technology, such as

Surfing Economically: Adding a Local DNS Server to Ubuntu Gnu/Linux & Hooking up a Caching Proxy

This is a cleaned up Ubuntu 11.04 specific HowTo version of a Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) article I previously wrote. Getting this working on Ubuntu was so simple that I messed it up and almost pulled my hair out before realizing how simple it really was. The key is to not mess about with the proxy