Enabling the Remote on a MacBook Pro Running Ubuntu 12.10

I’ve been using Ubuntu for the last few years. It was not my first choice, Debian was –because I like a balance between configuring things by hand (call it choice) and automation. The problem, Debian on my Yonah based MacBook Pro (that’s the last 32 bit Apple computer before the 64 bit platform was introduced), was more

Elive MacBook Project Update –January 11, 2011

January 11, 2011 Although I’ve tried keeping the links on my first article on Elive updated, they have constantly been changed and/or deleted (obviously) by Elive developers. For instance, MacBook beta .iso repositories and torrent pages with stable releases have been eliminated, the link to the license guaranteeing the right to modify the .iso has been taken down, a page declaring a new

US has it out for Brit hacker

I can’t get over at how stupid the case is of the American government against Gary McKinnon. This British citizen is accused of hacking into secure US Air and Army forces computers, and causing millions of dollars in damage after crashing networks, all the while hacking from his girlfriend’s home.