The Marriage of Music & Open Source Technology in 2012

To listen to music, I sometimes use Iceberg  (and have previously written about it). They have their own cloud based player, so you lose control over what you listen to (although categories exist and user feedback is accepted). I assume that’s what they’re after in the end, to decide what gets airplay. Even so, they’re back to

Trials and Tribulations of Pro Bono Work

Ordinarily, I don’ t use language such as “morons”, “cheapskates” or “duh” (OK, sometimes “duh”) but I make an exception in this article. I think I was venting. The following questions were proposed on Facebook a few days ago by a friend of mine. Is there such a thing as getting something for free? Should

Circumventing LSOs, Adobe Flash Cookie Tracking Technology

I don’t know of anyone that makes due without Flash these days. It’s become so pervasive, it’s difficult to imagine one without it on today’s Internet. HTML5 is supposed to change this, what with Jobs formally announcing this in his famous letter regarding Adobe’s technology. While I see the end of any proprietary technology, such as

Elive MacBook Project Update –January 11, 2011

January 11, 2011 Although I’ve tried keeping the links on my first article on Elive updated, they have constantly been changed and/or deleted (obviously) by Elive developers. For instance, MacBook beta .iso repositories and torrent pages with stable releases have been eliminated, the link to the license guaranteeing the right to modify the .iso has been taken down, a page declaring a new

OpenSolaris is dead!

Earlier this year, Oracle bought Sun Microsystems, the creator of Solaris (and OpenSolaris) –shutting down OpenSolaris. Well, no big surprise there –considering I don’t think of “Oracle” when I think “Free Source benefactor”– and they’ve confirmed this image. Despite having unparalleled in-house utilities such as ZFS, Sun had been losing market share and product visibility

Lakitas Matriasaya, a feminist musical group breaking the patriarchal hold on Andean music

Lakitas Matriasaya is an independent Andean musical band that consists mainly of Andean panpipes and two drums –a bass and snare drum (and a third percussionist by way of hand-held cymbals). Fifteen members make up the band at present. Twelve pipers sing and play the pipes, while three play percussion. The band formed in Valparaíso,

Bell proposes end to ‘unlimited internet’

If there’s one thing I hate about Canada is how some companies there try to take advantage of the regulatory environment and the nation’s social net. They believe this net applies to large corporations, but in reality, these should only be considered under the gravest conditions –as they should be self-sufficient. After all they’re private