Miller Columns, such a hard thing to code in GNU/Linux

I’ve looked into file managers with Miller Columns in Linux, and for all its advancements in various areas over the competition (smart phones, & servers), it’s sorely lacking in providing a decent file browser. There’s even been a project registered with Google towards bringing this capability to Gnome’s Nautilus, which never came up with code, if the lack of files to download is any indication.

Ubuntu users have certainly called for it enough. You’d think, considering the time and resources they’ve invested into their Unity desktop, that Canonical would care about developing a file browser to match, which would integrate into their slick home grown desktop interface.

Oh, but that’s an Apple thing! Not at all! It’s just a very efficient way to navigate files. And contrary to what Apple fans may believe these days, when Apple lays claim to round pretty colored boxes on touch screen technology, it’s not as if the concept is proprietary. It’s been done over and over again, and copied just not on GNU/Linux, or at least not until now.

Ranger to the rescue! It’s terminal based. Run it from Tilda, or, if you should so desire, Guake and you have a nifty Miller columns based file browser that follows you from desktop to desktop.

Maurice Cepeda

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