9/11, an Inside Job?

The 9/11 footage always looked fishy to me from the start … a missing plane after the pentagon was attacked (it supposedly vaporized entirely), explosions out of sync with the planes hitting the towers (apparently various bombs blasts), and the apparent molten metal pouring out the walls suggest so. Still, it’s hard to believe the US committed this upon its own people.

It’s more believable to assume the Israelis are responsible, to garner anti-Muslim/Arab support from the world and especially the US. This is not without precedence as the Israelis committed attacks on their own embassy in London (1994), called a false flag operation, according to Annie Machon (former MI5 officer).

The thing that makes me think twice about this is the fact that 9/11 occurred on US soil. Would the Israelis have run this sort of operation in the US, their best ally? I doubt it, but apparently I’m not the only one to give this some thought as it’s cropping up on the Net.

Whatever the real truth is, I really don’t think the official 9/11 story is it. It’s rather self-evident, at least to me.

Maurice Cepeda

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