The XX – Intro, Fixing It with Long Versions

Up until now, I’ve thought of remixes as different takes or renditions –some authorized, some not, sometimes by the original author/s, sometimes not– but all the while never impressing me as much as the original work they’re based on.

In come two versions of a piece called “Intro” by The XX. 

I think they’e so good they legitimize “copy and cut culture”, enabled by the advancement that puts technology (once a cost prohibitive and in the domain of multi-million dollar recording companies) into the hands of Joe Blow.

I’m sure Metallica (with their Napster fiasco, specifically Lars Ulrich) and the Rolling Stones (with the The Verve/Bitter Sweet Symphony fiasco) are cringing in their boots, while they’re spoon fed on endless arrays of disposable silver platters –as if they couldn’t get enough or couldn’t get by without them.

Lars Ulrich and the Rolling Stones aside, leave it to fans to fix the “Intro”, a half-baked piece but then again it is an intro after all.

Take you pick, there’s even a dub version that almost sounds like an entirely different tune.


Maurice Cepeda

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4 thoughts on “The XX – Intro, Fixing It with Long Versions

  1. And I’d like to point out that subtle changes sometimes make big differences, and that my post alludes to a larger social phenomenon as opposed to not having to hit the play button twice in a row.

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