Customer Service – Mueblería y Carpintería Salazar –Chillán, Chile

Gee, I wonder how some people stay in business here in Chillán.  This is how things work here, businesses exist because their owners have the money to open one, not (necessarily) because they know anything about the corresponding craft or service they offer, nor –the least of which– do they worry about customer service.

One such example is David Salazar M. with a simple matter of a plain board measuring 60 cm by 25 cm.

After about a week of waiting for the home delivery of the board, I called Mueblería y Carpintería Salazar (on Saturday on Dec. 15 before noon); I found Bernardo was not at work, despite he’d told me he arrives at work at 9 A.M.. Expecting another no-show for a home delivery (by now for the third time), my call was passed to David.

David got onto his high horse informing me that he was the boss and proceeded to tell me, “You have nothing to complain about, since you didn’t pay ahead of time.  I don’t permit work to be done this way and my brother knows that”. David continued with, “Sometimes people ask for work to be done right away, and then they don’t pay up.  Since this is your case, you’ll just have to put up and wait, just like you made us wait a week until you paid”.

The truth is, I never asked for the work to be done right away, (by this point) I’d paid for two projects and done so ahead of time for a board on which was still waiting.  Around here, you best pay for work after it’s done, because the incentive to finish is lost when you pay up.  Apparently this is the Salazars’ problem.

David finished with, “You can come on Monday and I’ll do your work.  And if it’s not ready, you’ll just have to wait!”.

I told him that after all this trouble I couldn’t, in good conscience, recommend his business, and that I don’t see how his business can thrive with his sort of customer service. He responded, “Don’t worry about us, we select our customers” –which I can only take to mean, “We don’t require your business”.   He also told me, I have all the right to speak my mind and explain my [horrible] experience, thus, this article.  Thanks for your permission David.

It seems I’ll be looking elsewhere for those two exterior doors I need built, and the conservatory I want.

Thanks again David.

You know what? I think I just realized why these “mom and pop” shops with lousy service don’t go broke.  There’s simply not a lot of alternatives.  But you know what David?  Business is changing.  Big chain stores are moving in.  You’ll soon see you’ll have to become co-operative, polite, and responsible to keep working independently, and if not –without a doubt– one of these days you’ll be without shop work.  Then, you’ll find yourself working in a large chain store, taking orders from pimple faced adolescents dressed in polyester uniforms, being forced to be polite.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Maurice Cepeda

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  2. Someone at writing as mipatyrag has republished this entire article without my permission, despite the contained license, the “All rights reserved on this article” clause.

    They name me and this page as the source, but have republished the prohibitive license (and never have approached me either for that matter), which makes me wonder …

    For posterity, this is what I’ve asked them to do, via a post.
    “You obviously don’t care enough about copyright to abide by the “All rights reserved on the article” clause in the license pertaining to the above article (“Customer Service – Mueblería y Carpintería Salazar –Chillán, Chile”) you republished without the author’s permission. Writing as the author (and owner) of this article –who has never given permission for republication on said article, let alone have I been asked– I formally request that this republication (and any previous republications that may exist of my works) be removed immediately, as it violates copyright, and my intellectual and property rights.

    Furthermore, I’m informing that all and any republications done by yourself (mipatyrag) or anyone else via this site ( on any and all works by Maurice Cepeda (Mauro Andrés and associated projects) is strictly prohibited. I trust my wishes will be expedited in the following 3 working days to come.”

    And I see that my post has apparently been deleted. See the following.

    Well, it’s a good thing I thing I took a snapshot and have written this.

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