Exhibition Saxon German Artists – Exposición Artistas Alemanes Sajones

Rudulf Sittner & Maurice Cepeda - All Rights Reserved

Maurice Cepeda & Rudolf Sittner, beside Sittner's work inspired by Pablo Neruda - All Rights Reserved


The newspaper La Discusión decided to mention the exhibition. Even yours truly shows up in a picture.

Works by various German artists entitled Exposición Artistas Alemanes-Grabadores de Sajonia Dresden were displayed at the Museo Internacional de la Gráfica de Chillán on January 28, 2011.

On the one hand there was no central theme to the works, other than provenance, that is, Saxony. But on the other hand, Hernando León –the director of the museum– equated Saxon artists with that of greater Germany by stating there exists no identifiable trait differentiating between Eastern and Western German art post political reunification. And so, it could be said that the central theme was one celebrating cultural cohesion.

Another “central theme”, the works are representative of the high quality that was maintained post WWII, up until, and including the present. Furthermore, they are accurate representations of contemporary trends.

Saxon Art Book - All Rights Reserved

Saxon Art Book - All Rights Reserved

A pleasant surprise was the incorporation of a couple of works by Rudolf Sittner, who had made the journey to Chile to oversee the exhibition. He mentioned that Pablo Neruda was a personal inspiration (specifically for the work pictured above). Sittner reads Neruda in Spanish and by translation — two books side by side.

The displayed works (which were all donated) were by Jürgen Schieferdecker, Hubertus Giebe, Leonore Adler, Reiner Süss, Jürgen Seidel, Michael Morgner, Angela Hampel, Anton Kammerer, Kerstin Quandt, Gudrun Trendafilov, Maja Nagal, Volker Lenkeit, Wolfgang Mattheure, Wolfgang Petrowsky –these artists being from Saxony, specifically from Dresden, Chemnitz, and Leipzig.

Maurice Cepeda

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