Record Body Count by Rheostatics

A bit of progressive Canadian rock from more than a decade ago –and probably the best song I’ve heard from the Rheostatics, although a little short for my taste.

Originally called the “Rheostatics and the Trans-Canada Soul Patrol”, they first played a club called The Edge in February 1980. In 1991 they signed up with independent label Intrepid Records, released Melville, from which the above “Record Body Count” was released as a single –and which received airplay from MuchMusic, but (as I recall) mostly as end of show filler material.

The funny thing is that they didn’t hit it big until they wrote the traditional verse-chorus-verse folksy song “Claire”, their only top 40 single from Music from the Motion Picture Whale Music and  Introducing Happiness –a song that I greatly disliked. In 1994, they even won a Genie Award for it, qualifying it as the year’s “Best Original Song”.

There’s no telling taste, personal or the public’s, but for your viewing displeasure …

Maurice Cepeda

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