Maurice reflects on bipolar girlfriends & princesa pompi in particular

Unstable weather. Photo by Uwe Hermann. License: GFDL.

Today I pondered on what it’s like going out with a bipolar girl. It’s like Edmontonian weather, “If you don’t like it, just wait 5 minutes and it’ll change”.

We’re in between seasons (where I presently live), so the weather is changing too. That’s how I made the connection between unstable weather and a certain little miss bipolar. But, there’s also someone presently in my life that changes her mind a lot. So, I’ve learned not to take stances on issues –on account of it being pointless; She’ll probably change her mind down the road, anyway. So, there’s no point in getting all worked up about anything in particular.

I remember that on any Friday little miss bipolar would tell me she was falling hopelessly in love with me; On Sunday she’d break up and say she was going back to her previous boyfriend, but then on Monday she’d tell me she wasn’t seeing her previous boyfriend after all. “Things change”, she used to say. “Yeah, but not several times a week, honey! Or at least it isn’t normal!”. A high-cycler will change several times as week, you see.

Can you spell “c-r-a-z-y”?

This may all sound like I’m having fun someone else’s expense, but it’s my (true) life story, too –because it’s affected me (even if only as a significant other to the mentally unstable). I take the following attitude, “If I can’t laugh at the (my own) past, well then I (also) have a problem (besides the person diagnosed as being mentally ill)”. So, I choose to find humour where there perhaps never was.

Little miss bipolar is back with the love of her life, has been for the last two or three years (one of four guys in a “love chain” [four as far as I can tell, anyway] and she had a kid with one that looks an awful like I did when we went out [what with short sleeve plaid shirts, short curly hair, and a thin athletic build]). She’s no longer with him. Talk about to and fro. Todos la toman de la mano, is what family has said, but that isn’t entirely fair –considering it’s always the same (group of) hands on deck, mostly anyways. Maybe the saying should go, los mismos la toman de la mano. or perhaps los mismos siempre la toman de la mano. Todos toman su turno con ella is another option or los mismos de siempre toman su turno con ella, both sounding even more suggestive than the rest, but I gather that’s what the first saying intends –albeit in a mild mannered read between the lines way typical of Chilean speak.

Looking back, her life is like a game of musical chairs –truly, and that’s no way to bring up a child … amidst emotional and psychological chaos.

Honestly, I wish you find some peace of heart, peace of mind, and –most of all– stability, princesa pompi.

Maurice Cepeda

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