SkreemR forced to shutdown by record companies?

Well, so long to! They closed sometime in 2010. If you hadn’t heard about SkreemR, it was fantastic search engine that scoured the net in search of music (mp3s, podcasts, remixes, & ringtones,). Features included: a native player that allowed users to create play lists, use of metadata, and a fancy algorithm to place higher quality results at the top (AudioRank). A search facility was even incorporated into Songbird –a pretty good Mozilla based media player. To sum it up, SkreemR was a great way to preview an album or singles before purchasing high quality copies. It was popular in the USA, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and India. But what about this rumour about being forced to close down operations?

At first bloggers assumed that record companies shut them down. But I don’t see how this could have been so considering that SkreemR, as far as I know, never held or posted music files on the net. They simply listed when other people did. So, they shouldn’t have been able to be forced to close (no violation of copyrights). In fact, they might have been a good record industry resource, for tracking down this sort of activity –not that this would have improved public relations for an industry– strife with an archaic, monolithic, pedantic, legalistic, penny pinching, task master of a reputation. So, why did SkreemR close?

A comment from SkreemR’s CEO (James Gagan; on the first linked article) clarifies.

James Gagan says:

Hi, James from SkreemR here…nobody shut us down, we just decided to put an end to SkreemR as it was not making us a lot of money and it was time to move on to other projects.
Stay tuned for !

Image taken from but they don't own it.

Still, it’s odd that one twitter contact of James Gagan mentions a SkreemR facelift, but there’s no mention of a shutdown by anyone (posthumously or otherwise) –especially by the CEO, James Gagan. But CEOs are usually squeamish about facing the public when things go belly up. If memory serves, Jonathon Swartz was reportedly not even present when the Oracle buyout of Sun was announced to shareholders.

Still there are always other choices. I’m testing out new resources, but check out the following articles detailing alternatives.

The following seems to be very powerful!

Have fun!

Maurice Cepeda

P.S. & Sidenote: Judging from a quick glance at LinkGym, it’s going to be a service that will generate links to your webpage, in an attempt to increase traffic and visibility.)



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