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I’m not sure why I can’t post comments to bsdtalk. Maybe it’s because I’m not signed up with the hosting service or because it doesn’t support Firefox. I can’t remember as I quit trying sometime ago. Anyways … seeing that I can’t post, I thought I’d post a comment on my own blog.

Note to Will Backman, bsdtalk Host
I like your podcasts but it’s starting to seem to me that the shows always have the same general theme, people sitting around talking about why BSD (and sometimes OSS in general) is so great –amounting to “feel good” interviews.

In episode number 139 you ask what “we” can do to improve BSD bookshelf visibility. I think generating interest might attract public attention and translate in hard book visibility. So, why not diversify and talk about threats to BSD development (whether they be internal/external, from proprietary competing OSS sources, and conflict (such as political/power struggles, or personality conflicts). Each postcast need not be entirely controversial as potential solutions to problems could also be pondered.

Here’s an idea I’ve thrown your way before. When are you ever going to cover comments by C. Hannum stating that”NetBSD is Dead”. See: <>.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t think the type of show I propose need fall into Windows and Gnu-Linux hate sessions, which would be a real danger … and something you avoid well. Maybe what I propose is just not you, but controversy is what peaks my and –I’m sure– other’s interests. I’m sure it couldn’t hurt when coming to increasing product visibility.

Other than controversy, the only other idea I can think of is offering to do some sort of book readings at your national book chain. Perhaps a talk and, say, a demo accompanied with a limited and well chosen reading would be more appropriate. How about a promo-tour or hitting the convention circuit while on vacation?

I hope you keep generating atmosphere. Drawing attention to politicized events would help.

Maurice Cepeda

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One thought on “BSD Needs Spiced up Atmosphere-bsdtalk

  1. I’m sorry that I had to shut down comments on bsdtalk. Spammers were constantly posting.
    Thank you for the feedback. I agree that I do need to get some more diversity in my topics and pace. As you may have noticed, I’m down to about one a month because my job is eating most of my time. I haven’t had as much time to chase down people to interview, or even play with the various BSD projects and strange hardware. Maybe I’ll have some more time to put into the podcast soon. Please keep sending along your show ideas, or even better, forward my contact information along to folks who might be willing to do an interview.
    Thanks for listening. -W

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