Stark, the only international Chilean blogger?

I was browsing the net when I came across a reddit listing of popular bloggers for 2007. Among them, were three Chilean bloggers, these being Leo Prieto, Rodrigo Vera, and José Ignacio Stark. Listed were the world’s supposed sexiest bloggers, –yes, I know you’re thinking “What a productive endeavour reddit!” (Reddit is owned by Wired.)

I quote, “José Ignacio Stark is one of the skinnest and sexiest chilean bloggers. He is the only chilean who has blogged inernationally”. (Yes, I know “internationally” is misspelled, and so is “Chilean”. That’s verbatim.)

Oh, please! While I don’t pretend to be one of the sexiest bloggers out there, I’m Chilean by birth, been living in Chile for the last two years, and been blogging in English (THE international language) for just as long! In contrast, Stark writes in Spanish. As for skinniness and sexiness, I’m probably just as thin as Stark and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I don’t have a black and white nude picture of myself sitting on grass and typing away on a laptop covering my genitals as does Stark. I do own three Macs, though (Stark is pictured with a Mac laptop in the linked photo).

The other claim that was made about the other two Chilean bloggers is the amount of national traffic they generate. Considering that most Chileans don’t even have Internet access, this claim can only be taken with a grain of salt. What hype! Albeit, it’s logical to assume that these Chilean bloggers get read by readers outside of Chile, in Latin America and Spain.

Of course comparatively speaking, they probably get more traffic than I do, what with me writing on ultra-niche subjects such as Gnu-Linux and *BSD subject material.

The moral of the story boys and girls … try to get your facts right. And please, try to write on something meaningful.

Hmm, I’m getting an idea; Maybe my resume could read “one of only two Chilean bloggers writing internationally”?

Maurice showing just how skinny he is. Who is skinnier now?

Maurice showing just how skinny he is. Who's skinnier now?

Maurice Cepeda

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2 thoughts on “Stark, the only international Chilean blogger?

  1. Get your facts rights:

    “Considering that most Chileans don’t even have Internet access, this claim can only be taken with a grain of salt”.

    – Según IAB, Chile en el 2007 poseía 7.387.000 usuarios de internet en el 2007. Observando una tendencia de crecimiento de 700.000 (aprox) usuarios año a año.

    – Los otros 2 bloggers escriben en Fayerwayer y Chilehardware, blogs que tiene más de 3 millones de usuarios únicos mensuales.

    – “internationally” significa que Stark escribió durante un tiempo para el blog

  2. I think you mean “facts right”, not “facts rights”. “Rights” (with an “s”) refers to rights, such as “legal rights” to do something or gain something or another –as in “derechos”. And to the human ear, “facts rights” sounds as if you’re referring to the “rights” that “facts” possess (fact’s rights or facts’ rights).

    Moving on …

    Considering that it’s calculated that Chile has a population of 16,763,470 (see wikipedia under Chile), and that you say a little over 7 million have access to internet, my comment is still valid, ” … most Chileans don’t even have Internet access”.

    What does your figure even measure? Users that use cyber-cafés don’t count. I see how kids from lower income homes, which make up the majority of people in Chile, pack into cyber-cafés because their parents can’t afford internet service. You can’t tell me this isn’t so, because I see it all the time when I drive through “poblaciones marginales”.

    ‘“internationally” significa que Stark escribió durante un tiempo para el blog’

    Show me the entry in a dictionary where “internationally” is linked to and I’ll concede on this point. Besides, there’s no defining the term that way from whence all this came. See for yourself.

    As for the amount of readers these bloggers have, I don’t care. Spanish lost precedence as an international language, a long time ago. The Spanish empire died centuries ago, and to England (a coincidence?). So unless, these bloggers predominately start writing in English, one can’t consider them international writers, period.

    Lastly, I don’t know how one can measure “usuarios únicos” considering a click has never been a reliable indicator that articles are read, even if the reader has subscribed, or that subscribed readers read all of one’s articles — for that matter.

    I thought long and hard about how to end this long response. So here goes. I thought it fitting to end with the words with which the previous comment started, “No! Get your facts right!”.

    PS-This is just my humour.

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