My “adored” unsolicited calls from TELMEX

I know you’re very interested in my business. That’s why you have your nice representatives wake me up in the mornings and call me late on evenings. Not to put you down, but you must really be hard pressed to call me repeatedly after I’ve turned you down a straight three or four times. I’ve told you I’m NOT interested in “phone to cell” plans.

I guess I should admire your persistence, but I don’t take kindly to repeated unsolicited calls. I hate this more than spam, but then again this is a sort of spam, too. Please note, that all you’ve done –at least with me– is to prejudice yourself in my mind. While other people love to be chased, to be the object of other people’s attention, love, and what not –that’s just not me. You see, I’ve never taken well to being forced to comply or having to endure repeated requests. Maybe it’s my stubborn streak, but heck that’s just me, and I’m free to refuse your service without being hounded day and night.

Hmm, I wonder if I can charge you with harassment and stalking. … something to think about anyway. Something else to think about is how you got a hold of the info that I don’t have “phone to cell” service (that’s why I have a cell [to make “cell to cell” calls]). Hmm, time to call my phone service provider.

Yours truly (well not really because I’m not willing to become your customer),
Maurice Cepeda

Telmex [or TELMEX] is Mexico’s largest supplier of basic telecommunications services The name stands for “Teléfonos de México S.A.B. de C.V“. They’re obviously Mexican (as their name indicates), although they are trying hard to disassociate themselves from their ethnicity and create a multi-national identity with, “la compañía líder de telecomunicaciones en América Latina, con operaciones en México, Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Perú y Estados Unidos“. Wow, that’s impressive! Arriva, arriva, Speedy Gonzalez! Apparently now, they’re in Chile to do business.

At the time of writing this entry, Wikipedia reports that “Telmex is the 2nd most complained-about provider in PROFECO (Mexico’s Consumer Commission)“.

Lastly …
If anyone thinks that the Speedy bit is a cheap shot, I’m allowed it –for being “Hispanic”. Plus, Speedy isn’t thought to be a racist stereotype anymore, anyway. My “shot” is similar to when an American says to a Canadian, “Eh, how’s it going?”. Would anyone think that comment is racist?

Today, July 1, 2008, TELMEX called about four times more. I remember asking once to be removed from the list, at which point they called again. This time, I was hung up on when I asked to talk to the supervisor, but not before hearing a “Oh Estevan” yelled in the background. During the last call (at about 2pm), I spoke to Claudia Saavedra, which finally connected me to the supervisor, Estevan Alvarez. After explaining my dilemma, he explained that they’ve been having problems with their databases, specifically the one in which the “do not call list” is contained. He also assured me that he was personally taking me off the call list as we spoke.

Let’s hope this sticks.


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2 thoughts on “My “adored” unsolicited calls from TELMEX

  1. I live in Mexicowith my wife and stepson . My stepson needed a new computer for school so, I looked at telmex because thay add it to your phone bill.
    Well in looking at the internet and the prices at
    Telmex at Best Buy the laptop was $689.00 at Telmax it was $2,640.00,witch goes to show thay do eat there own.

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