Debian GNU/Minix

Finally someone has seen the light and started a project that I called for in a previous article. This melding of the Minix kernel with the GNU userland is called Preventa, and seems to poke fun at the name Nexenta –a similar project using the Solaris kernel– all in good fun I’m sure, considering that the project leader’s blog is called “La Salle Debain” (a play on “Debian” and the French for “bathroom”). Perhaps now the GNU OS, Hurd, will finally become a reality and not just a theoretical academic experiment. Perhaps Preventa will keep their web-page up to date and not imitate the Nexenta people in this regard, nor require registrations for downloads.

Maurice Cepeda

P.S. -In response to comments made on, of course the project has been around for a year (I’ve not claimed to the contrary, nor do I claim that the project is a response to my article), and it’s not an official Debian project; The author says as much on his page. Just go there and read about it. By the way, this article also made it onto

You can read what the author says about porting Debian software to Minix on google groups.

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