Djvu on OS X

Dec 24, 2007 Update: 
Since last month, there has been an official OS X port of the DjVuLibre project located at Sourceforge.  It has “find all occurrences of a search string”, thumbnail, and outline viewing capabilities. Upon testing, the print to .ps does not seem to create a readable .ps file –or OS X fails to convert it to .pdf (OS X’s default viewing format)– but exporting straight to .pdf (command+E on OS X) overcomes this issue. Exporting to various other common formats –such as .tiff and .jpg– is also possible.

Heads up!

In certain circles I was used to move in, .pdf was considered “the” universal document format, that and .eps or just .ps, but .pdf was considered a cleaned up .ps –anyway.

There’s now a “new” format on the turf. How’s it different from .pdf? Well, .pdf doesn’t optimally do graphics –just text–, while .djvu (from LizardTech) does it beautifully in small sized files that render quickly. In addition to the official plug-in Mac viewer (and stand alone app), there’s an unknown (not mentioned on the OS .djvu site) GPL’d viewer for the OS X, only it doesn’t have print capability –yet.

DjVuLibre: Open Source DjVu library and viewer
LizardTech – Download
WinDjView & MacDjView homepage

Maurice Cepeda

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