Jewish Nazis? What will they Think of Next?

Can there be actually be something such as a Jewish Nazi?

I’ve been asking myself this question as BBC runs news clips regarding violent youths that participated in beatings (called “boot f*cks” in Canada) against others benefiting from the same right of return from which they themselves benefited.

These youths are of Russian extraction. They live in Israel due to what is called, “the right/law of return”. This allows anyone that claims to be Jewish to install themselves with funding in Israel (about $60 000 US dollars in hand). This has always been controversial, and in the eyes of some –such as Orthodox Jews– many that return are not Jews. Why are they not Jewish? Well, it’s a matter of acculturation or lack thereof (in addition to outdated ideas of Halakha), and these youths taking up after racist Skin Heads cannot illustrate this point any better.

The whole matter is absurd. I mean, if I recall the Nazi view on Russians (as displayed by popular culture) is that they are an “impure” mix, and on the matter of Jews … well, not quite humans. Eastern Europeans (such as Poles, Ukrainians, Hungarians, etc), are thought of as a mixture of European and Asiatic peoples; Thus, “not really white”. This view is not exclusive of any one group, racist or not, but hinges on the fact that Eastern Europe is the crossroads joining Europe with Asia, and a place of cross-migration.

Perhaps the Jewish “Nazi” developments are understandable as part of an international fascist/nationalist movement, where each country develops its own brand of ultra-nationalist patriotism, regardless of ethnicity. Of course, the term “Nazi” should probably be replaced with either “socialist nationalist” or “nationalist socialist”. But perhaps not, as these particular offenders allegedly painted Nazi swastikas in Synagogues.

When the social offenders were asked if they were Jewish they responded, “Yes”; One said his mother was Jewish and another mentioned his father.

Maurice Cepeda

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2 thoughts on “Jewish Nazis? What will they Think of Next?

  1. They’re all kind of stupids brain retards everywhere in the world. Not surprise to me. I even heard of Japanese Nazis few years back and Chinese Nazi wannabe in recent months. It’s just a small group or individual of mentally ill screwed up low lives who think live is worthless other than misery. Such people should permanently locked up and served as punching bags in prison for their entire misery life to be cured.

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