Suiterunner has Landed

The next generation SeaMonkey has landed! “On 29th May 2007, Robert landed the patch that saw “suiterunner” [this version of SeaMonkey] become active on the trunk. This means that developers can now fully focus their attention on the toolkit based SeaMonkey rather than having to additionally maintain the old xpfe based SeaMonkey.

We can now work towards a 2.0 release with a much more supportable code base.

Nightly builds are available for testing, note however that at this stage they are recommended for testing only.”

Why is this a big deal? Well, this next generation of SeaMonkey, will not only benefit from SeaMonkey’s idiosyncratic low footprint and suite apps but, will also be compatible with the plethora of Firefox extensions.

Read more on the matter at:

Maurice Cepeda
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