On SeaMonkey Dictionaries

Just a few tips on SeaMonkey 1.1.2 regarding dictionaries, mainly their extraction, installation, and the editing of user added words. This HOWTO is geared towards OS X.

Dictionary Folder Location
The dictionary folder is now located in “SeaMonkey/Contents/MacOS/dictionaries” (as of 1.1.1?). You can drop any Firefox dictionaries therein. Dictionaries come as .xpi files (notice their extension).

.xpi Extraction
Though, you’ll need to extract them first. You can do this by replacing the “.xpi” extension with “.zip”, and let Tiger’s utility do the work for you (double-click it or use my HOWTO). Afterwards, throw the decompressed files into the above directory.

Editing of User Added Words
Lastly, you can edit any erroneously added words but shuting down SeaMonkey and editing


with Emacs. Just find your word, delete it, and save it (done easily with Carbon Emacs or Aquamacs.

Maurice Cepeda

August 31, 2007
As of at least SeaMonkey 1.1.4, Mozilla dictionaries (found on Firefox or SeaMonkey sites) install by clicking on their corresponding links as expected.

OS X Emacs Implementations
Performs the “copy and past” key binding (command-v) out of the box and overwrites as default:

Does not “copy and paste” (short-cut) off the bat, but does Spanish keyboards (specifically “@” [alt-2]), and overwrites as default:

“Copies and pastes”as default, but does not overwrite out of the box:

Compiling necessitated with Emacs 21 (uses X Windows or Carbon API):

Dated implementations:

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