Wild On! and my Ex-fiancée

I’m just watching some old hashed up Wild On episodes with gorgeous women, not that there was ever a lack thereof on the show. I have an ex, that never liked the series. She even threatened to leave my pad if I didn’t change the channel. When she realized I didn’t run to do so, she reiterated the ultimatum clarifying she would leave if I didn’t obey immediately. I never understood why this show provoked such a reaction, and –when I enquired (that same night)– she said she didn’t know either.

Was she jealous of those images made up of pixels that shown on my t.v. screen? Or maybe she couldn’t stand to see better looking women around, despite that they weren’t really there? Or did the jealousy concern having my attention momentarily captivated by better looking women, despite that she was also a bit of a looker herself? Maybe she was used to being the best looking broad in the room and Wild On! threatened this, leaving her in an untenable state not knowing how to deal. Could she have not been able to handle the fact that for one hour a week she was not the focus of my day? Gee, this would be sad.

So what was it? Seriously, I’d like to know. I mean I know the answer is ego-related, but I just don’t know the specific details.


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