Everything You Wanted to Know About Firefox, and More

Well, someone decided to write down all the reasons to use the Firefox browser. It’s a great read, if not too extensive for the layman. Or, just try the browser, and then come back to the article and “spot” read it. I’m actually of going back to a minimalist desktop when I install Gnu-linux or BSD again. Why use a processing hog desktop when there’s SeaMonkey and when Firefox is so extensible? Just use a WM and you’re done. Now if I could decide on a WM …

To be honest. I hate looking to icons/aliases to double click them. My brain doesn’t seem to think that way. When I want to start a program, I usually think of its name. And when I think of it, I can write it’s name into term to evoke it. Simple as pie. Wow, how innovative is a paradigm where writing the name of the program you want to start into an input shell gets output! I even taught my mom how to do this. “Input/output”, “garbage in/garbage out”. Remember computer theory? This is what we were all taught in elementary computer classes. Please! All this desktop analogy seems like nonsense to me and an excuse to sell faster and expensive video cards. I mean why do people need the latest and greatest video card? On what activity do most people spend their time using their computers? Writing emails, essays, looking at the odd photo? Do they need a lot of processing poser for this?

Don’t get me wrong. There are purposes for fast computers. I just finished creating some buss cards on a new “toy” and, wow, it flies where my old iBook crawled. I do a bit of photo editing and I’m supposed to do some video editing in the future, so it comes in handy and will continue to do so. I also want to get back to compiling, something I veered off of years ago. But unless YOU’RE doing this sort of development, or the even the more draining video editing, why waste your money with proprietary eye candy?

Maurice Cepeda

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