Change Scribus/Aqua Language Setting

Upon installing a new version of my favourite page layout program (some time ago), I kept getting some persistent Nordic language setting (seems it was either Afrikaans or Dutch). Reinstalling an earlier version didn’t help because the setting stuck. Nor could I change this setting via the GUI because I can’t make out Germanic languages (other than English), thus, this low level fix. (I assume that you want English as your default language setting.)

Open the file ~/.scribus/prefs13.xml in a texteditor, and look for something like the following.

<context name=”user_preferences”>
<attribute key=”gui_language” value=”en_GB”/>
–>| dipesh

Obviously, “value=”en_GB” is set to something else if you’re having the wrong language enabled. Just change change the file to reflect “en_GB” (while the app is not running) and after saving the file, restart the app..

Contributed by Maurice Cepeda

PS-I can’t take credit for this fix as it came via avox from #scribus. Avox and the other people therein are very helpful and friendly. If you can’t make Scribus do something after reading the documentation, they are happy to help.

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2 thoughts on “Change Scribus/Aqua Language Setting

  1. What else is there to write about? This is a HowTo, a mini-manual that is, written as a “HowTo to fix” an problem immediately without having to read pages of excessively techy or esoteric material, nothing more. A HowTo is not an essay, that evaluates different sides of a thesis, evaluating the pros and cons of each approach.

    Having said this, you are free to make suggestions on what else could form another HowTo document.


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