First I was invited to the Tribute to Gonzalo Millán, and now it’s Sonja San Martin’s photography exhibition I’ve been invited to attend.  Also, “Cucao: Luces y Colores de Chiloé” happens on Tuesday May 29th at 7:30 pm at the Marta Colvin hall, an extension of the U. of Bio-Bio (Chillán).

And this Friday there is a theatre play I’ve also been asked to attend. Participating is the beautiful local actress Carmen Paz. It seems I’m quite the social bug after breaking into the artsy crowd with my presentation at Millán’s tribute. Well, perhaps it’s not a matter of breaking into a new crowd as much as the old crowd remembering an old hack.

At present, within the poetry and theatre movements, I run into some of the same people that were active within the musical movement years ago. Some of these go to each other’s gigs, which makes for an interesting overlap and interdisciplinary support that I’ve never witnessed.

Funny thing … anything they/we put their hands to is now considered “art”, whereas before it was just a bunch of kids wasting time at best or up to no good at worst. Art was suspect because we didn’t make money at it (we did it for the love of it), although retrospectively we should of made more. might be a good page to stay informed about local cultural events.

Maurice Cepeda

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