Multizilla & OS X SeaMonkey Port Problems

I’ve been having some problems with Multizilla. So I sent an email to their mailing list and got two responses. Michael Vicent does not run OS X, so he can’t test it but is open to me reporting the problems so he can tackle them.

The following are OS X related. Most (all?) of them do not show up on other platforms.

Here they are.

  1. XPInstall lists a different version than About SeaMonkey and About Multizilla.
  2. Tab Manager – Close causes spinning ball as selecting “Window” then “Tab”. … This also happens when I esc, and ok the confirmation screen to leave. [There is also barely visible a collapsed scroll bar therein that refuses to change size.]The “Force Quit” Utility (kill utility) says “SeaMonkey (not responding)”.
  3. JavaScript Console does not allow closing via command-w or through window corner.
  4. RSS Reader refreshes visibly before CSS? kicks in.
  5. RSS Reader-Some summaries are too long for boxes, and
  6. RSS Reader-the navigation arrows usually do not work.
  7. Prelimary step for an Update” instructions sometimes causes a crash where the Window menu registers multiple windows opening but they do not show.

Just Comments:

  • Not all extensions versions are listed in XPInstall. Some only detail names and not versions. This would be appreciated very much when deciding which extensions to uninstall and then reinstall.
  • Permission Manager – Good, and surprised that setting res. to thousands used to make the manager graphics look weird; it now just works.
  • Sessions Manger – No longer suffers from the spinning ball.

The above was from an email I sent to the Multizilla mailing list, except for the “[7.]” and .

If you don’t feels like waiting around for fixed versions there are alternatives.

  1. Refspoof (xSidebar compatible version) – spoofs referrals
  2. Sage (xSidebar compatible version) – RSS feeds
  3. Sessions Manager – This does what you think it does. But it also saves a session when SeaMonkey crashes, something that Multizilla does not do (and something I should of added into “Make SeaMonkey 1.1.1 Usable“). SeaMonkey users have to install the old 04.3 version. and Crash Recovery. UPDATE: Crash Recovery doesn’t install on SeaMonkey 1.1.1 and it doesn’t seem necessary as sessions are successfully resurrected after crash simulations via OS X’s kill utility. More usage is necessary for verification.
  4. Duplicate Tab – My favorite tab duplication/importation/exportation utility, although there is also a mouse invokable extension called Click2Tab that duplicates tabs (no import/export functionality afaik; Opps, this is a FireFox only extension). Unfortunately Duplicate Tab presently does not install with SeaMonkey 1.1.1 yet. I contacted the dev.. He is aware of this and has a dev. solution in the works.

Just Interesting extensions:

Maurice Cepeda

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