Reopen Closed Tabs in SeaMonkey

This concerns “my” fix for Mulitzilla v.’s bug that breaks resurrection of deleted tabs. This bug was mentioned in my previous article “Make SeaMonkey 1.1.1 Usable“.

According to <>, contrl-z does not bring up closed/deleted tabs. There is a solution therein, but I wasn’t able to apply it. The fix requires the creation of a preference in about:config. I created the preference but inserting the code didn’t fair well (because you have to manually edit the file).

To fix the issue you don’t even need to uninstall Multizilla, which shows up as “multiviews” in Chrome Manager, and caused me havoc. Just download the nightly (“multiviews-nightly.jar”), rename it “multiviews.jar” (without quotes) and insert it into your chrome dir in the Profiles pathway.

Obviously, back-up your original “multiviews.jar” file.

Voilà, now you can resurrect deleted tabs with cntrl-z!

Maurice Cepeda

UPDATE: Unfortunately the fix did not stick. Read my article on Multizilla updates and alternatives.

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