Ubuntu Hoary/Warty Sound Errors

I have noticed a two sound errors with Ubuntu. First there is a problem with Rhythmbox. It reports, “Could not pause playback”.The First Problem
The solution seems to be either:

gst-launch gnomevfssrc location=/path/to/file.ogg ! typefind ! spider! audioconvert ! audioscale ! osssink

If not try:

gst-launch gnomevfssrc location=/path/to/file.ogg ! typefind ! spider! audioconvert ! audioscale ! alsasink


The Second Problem
The other problem is somewhat different. If you get an error about alsa already being in operation (and thus no sound is producible). Restarting alsa does not work:

/etc/init.d/alsa restart

Or if you want, replace “restart” with “stop” on the first pass and on the second replace it with “start”, but these do not work.

Then the solution is to kill that process. Find out the process ID for alsa.

ps aux | grep alsa

gives something like:

USER 6589 0.0 0.0 2336 644 pts/0 S+ 20:11 0:00 …

Then pass:

kill -9 6589

Congrats, sound should work now!

Contributed by Maurice Cepeda
a.k.a. Chascon

PS-The second sound problem seems to be related to the mozilla-vlc plugin. Sound seems to go haywire after viewing a clip through Mozilla or Firefox once. Someone should report this if it hasn’t been reported yet.

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