Manually Open Compressed Files

Update (Nov. 4, 2007):
From another post of mine, “There is now a UI GPL utility for OS X that not only opens .rar files but also those pesky Stuffit files for which you thought you had to go through an intense sign-up (to download Stuffit). It’s called Unarchiver and it’s apparently “completely” Libre”.

The following instructions work for various extensions such as ¨.tgz¨ and I believe ¨.tar.gz¨.

  1. Open term up and “cd” to “dir” to the archived and compressed file
  2. Pass the following in term to decompress:
    gunzip filename.tgz
  3. This opens up a file “filename.tar”
  4. Pass the following to unarchive:
    tar -xf filename.tar


For information on tar flags pass ¨man tar¨ in term.

You can get Free (although not GPL afaik) utilities called ¨ColdCompress¨ and ¨OpenUp¨ to do this within Aqua in OS X. They handle many types of files, minus the lesser utilized ¨.bin¨ and ¨.sit¨ formats once common with mac fanatics.

Maurice Cepeda

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