DVD Setup for GNU-Linux

The following script installs css on ppc:


This works with xine, ogle, and vlc, but not with totem-gstreamer (on Debian Sarge, and Ubuntu Warty and Hoary).

Symlink Problem
In addition, I’ve noticed sometimes that DVD players don’t seem to want to work until I create a symlink between the cd device (even if I tell the app in its preferences to use the proper ‘hdX’ device), usually ‘hdb’, and a symlink.

To find out what your cd player is:

dmesg | grep DVD

I got ‘hdb’ when I ran this, so pass:

ln -s /dev/hdb /dev/cdrom

which creates a symlink under ‘dev’ named ‘cdrom’

Congrats, the program “wxvlc” (which works well with hoary) should play DVDs now!

Choppy Video Problem
If DVD playing is choppy:

hdparm -d1 /dev/hdb

where ‘hdb’ is the output of

dmesg | grep DVD

or just use the ‘symlink’ you created but lately I think updates seem to be overwriting my symlinks. Solution: use ‘hdX’ within the hdparm command.

Contributed by Maurice Cepeda
a.k.a. Chascon

This is for purely educational use. I do not endorse the installation of css. As for installing it, I’ve been told and read that some governments may allow people to install css for personal use, but that it is not legal for a private or public company to distribute publicly. Because I am not a legal expert, I do not recommend that you install css. Thus, I do NOT take responsibility for consequences of using this script; You do.

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