Building KompoZer for MacTel

Well after succesfully building BonEcho (Firefox 2) on my MacBook, I decided to give building KompoZer a try. Why? I always thought that KompoZer felt very porty rather than native. This seems to have worsened somewhat with Rosetta and the fact that both Nvu and KompoZer effectively are dead, despite what their project leader’s blogs say (release something if this is not so!). KompoZer crashes too frequently as when closing (a) tab/s (Nvu was worse). (Not to say that KompoZer was not an incredible improvement over Nvu; At least for me, KompoZer made Nvu usable.) Having fixed several Firefox 2 nagging issues by compiling –such as a crash when deselecting javascript and Bookmark Manager not refreshing after deletions, not to mention general unresponsiveness– I thought KompoZer too might benefit from performing a native build and also from custom optimization of the .mozconfig. So I thought that if I could ever properly port it, I would.

I didn’t find this as easy as I thought. After editing the /mozilla/.mozconfig to my liking, I realized that “$topsrcdir/browser/config/mozconfi” craps my build. The build command is also different from Firefox’s, $make -f build_all, aggregating a “_all” tail.

I looked at Nvu’s site but after checking my procedure with Kaze’s comments on the Nvu forum, I find out that here are a few needed deps. These being,

  • “build-essential (includes gcc4, g++4, libstdc++6, libc6, dpkg-dev and make)
  • gtk2-dev (includes atk, cairo, expat, glib, xft, pango, x11…)
  • libidl-dev
  • libxt-dev (includes libice and libsm)
  • x11proto-print-dev (not available on Ubuntu, see above) [not needed on OS X]”

I would have thought that having all the deps needed to build firefox would circumvent any problems.

Well, I was off to check macports (darwinports, no offence to the fink project) and/or to contact Kaze on just how he made his OS X build only to read Shaun McDonald’s blog that this is not possible without a troublesome series of patches.

Seems that I’ll have to be happy with running KompoZer under Rosetta, or compiling SeaMonkey. Any ideas anyone? Can I compile SeaMonkey and disable “browser” and “mail” to leave just Composer? Might this work by using a further edited .mozconfig file I created for KompoZer? Kaze, if you’re reading?

Maurice Cepeda

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