iBook G4 Motherboard Fails

An article posted at <abcnews.go.com> notes that the iBook G4 motherboard fails at an unusual high rate.

Hmm, my iBook (early 2004) failed some time ago, only 2 years after purchasing it new. The techs can’t explain it, and they find it odd because there is no reason (they can detect) for which the iBook doesn’t boot.

It boots with psychedelic colour display and the fan runs seemingly at full throttle. I’m told it isn’t the screen that’s to blame because a cracked screen doesn’t light up at all. The battery is not to blame either because it runs fine and is not part of the recalls. And it’s not the hd because it mechanically fits well and runs from an external case just fine.

I’d like to read about others that have had the same experience, perhaps from specifically Canadian bought computers as class action suites are local.

Maurice Cepeda

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