Help Fund Maca’s Summer Vacation

The strange thing I still find about girls here in Chile is that they don’t seem to have much against using their feminine charms for cheap and quick gratification. I find my reactions ranging from the humorous to the offensive, as this is reminiscent of what’s been called the oldest trade in existence.

Would you pay for this girl’s trip from La Serena Chile to Chillán? Seems the poor girl doesn’t have money of her own to make the trip, not that she needs to come for any reason other than for “recreational” reasons. She just thinks she can get a free trip.

Well I thought about it for some time now, and I think the best way to help her wishes come true is to start a fund. Please give to the “Help Fund Maca’s Summer Vacation and Trip from La Serena to Chillán” fund. Now how is she going to get back after the summer is gone?

Maurice Cepeda

P.S. Apparently this was some sort of joke but it is emblematic of my experience in Chile.

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