Adding extensions to Flock

Seeing that there is not a lot of movement in Flock’s extension page, I was thought about how one might add one’s favourite extensions. Firefox’s Add-on page, as extensions seem to be called now, lists the odd Flock compatible extension.

There is another Mozilla page with its own list of extensions. Presumably independent of the Firefox list, it doesn’t have much more content in the way of Flock compatibles.

The problems of these officially maintained lists is that some extensions are not listed as Flock extensible but visiting the corresponding author’s webpages shows them so.

Well, other than doing some low level hacking like that mentioned in my previous post titled Testing Flock 0.7.99 Trunk, you could simply install the desired extension from the target page desired and wait to see if Flock protests alerting concerning incompatibility. I’m surprised to find out that many of my favorite Firefox 2 and 1 extensions work with Flock.

Firefox extensions that work for me on Flock 0.7.10 and on dev. 0.7.99 follow,
*Add-Block Plus
*Web Developer (enlarging images works)
PDF Downloads also seems to work

Keep flocking,
Maurice Cepeda

Blogged with Flock

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