The Huaso From Temuco

The following pertains to my trip to San Antonio a few weeks ago.It started out when I and my cousins were waiting for my mom in San Antonio. This was going to be a long day for errands, dealing with Chilean Customs (Aduana) beaurocracy in trying to get my things from a container that was flagged (more on this up and coming).Anyway, during our wait we ran into this man that claimed to be a Huaso from Temuco. He did look like the proto-type of a Huaso but as far as I know there is/was no Huaso culture in Temuco as the Spaniards did get as far south as this. I think it was his idea of a joke. He was drunk though, even though it was noon. He mentioned something about liking tinto.He was a jolly old man that started talking to us by asking if my cousin Hernan wanted to have a smoke with him. When Hernan told him of his attitude towards cigarettes, the old man applauded Hernan for his stance.

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